For more than ten years, several people have occasionally been collecting information about Norwegian motor museums and collections, both online and in the media. As far as we know, a comprehensive nationwide overview has not been made, neither in Norway or in neighboring countries. This has been missed, both domestic, by our foreign motor enthusiasts and also by many tourists.

The work on making such a web site was intensified late last year by Erling Storstrøm after an initiative from Dag Jarnøy and Tor Ivar Volla, the editor of Norsk Motor Veteran. This resulted in a preliminary list of many more of the museums and collections, that was printed and distributed as an Appendix to Norsk Motor Veteran No. 1/2014.

Work is now continuing in cooperation with a computer expert. Many more addresses to newly found museums and collections have been gathered over the last few months. We have also collected at least 600 addresses to domestic motor clubs, etc. This will help many more motor enthusiasts find and join "their" local club with just a quick search or two on the PC. Nevertheless only Norwegian addresses will be added to the registry in any category.

The preliminary result has now been posted online for the benefit of all motor enthusiasts thanks to supportive partners like American Car Club of Norway (AMCAR), Norsk Motor Veteran and PanVulk/Meguiar's. Later, there might be made room for more sponsors.

This project, naturally enough, has been very extensive with lots of hours spent to collect and ensure the quality of the information, as far as possible. Mistakes may nevertheless have crept in and there are certainly many collections we still have not gotten to. We ask that such be reported to us in the newsroom as soon as possible. It is of course free and voluntary to be listed on this website, but anyone listed that's wishing to opt-out, please contact us.

The launch of the web pages are divided into several phases and for practical reasons laid out in batches throughout the year as more addresses are ready for viewing, so stay tuned to the pages:

  • First phase: More than 150 public and private museums and collections, and tourist routes are now posted and available for all motor enthusiasts at home and abroad.
  • Second phase: List of more than 600 organized and unorganized motor clubs are then added into the pages consecutively throughout the summer and fall of 2014.
  • Third phase: List of workshops (in Norway) that work on veteran vehicles are then added to the pages, this coming fall/winter. During the year we add out a list of existing old gas stations and other historical/heritage buildings and sites, etc. belonging to the important historical part of the motor hobby in Norway.

News from the Norwegian motor hobby will be posted when they are available.

We hope you will use and enjoy! Thanks for visiting us often!

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