Våre samarbeidspartnere


Introduction has a goal of presenting the most complete overview of the Norwegian motoring hobby online. We started on the 4th of July 2014 as a «yellow pages» for clubs, workshops, museums, collections etc. and we expanded in 2016 with an event calendar. That was a good decision, as it took our number of visitors to new heights. In 2019 it looks like we will reach 49.000 visitors, which is great considering that we do not offer any form of buying or selling on our pages.

What do we offer? registers information about associations, branches, clubs, communities, museums, collections, attractions and workshops - among other things. For each type of entity we register the name, date of founding, postal address, visiting address, telephone number, e-mail addresses and webpages – including Facebook-pages, Instagram hashtags, Twitter-accounts and YouTube channels. For clubs we also register number of members, the association(s) they belong to and member clubs. Entities where we have registered the visiting address are presented with a map, where a visitor has the option to get driving instructions to the place from a supplied address. The information we collect makes it possible for visitors to search for the name of the organisation, the region it belongs to, the category (club, workshop, etc.), vehicle type (car, bus, food truck, motorcycle, tractor, etc.), services offered by a workshoprt etc. For the event calendar we register organizers and their events. The information for each event is checked for accuracy, to allow our visitors the most accurate information.

Who runs this website and how is it financed? is primarily run by Erling and Ragnar Storstrøm, on a voluntary basis. In addition, Jan Roger Wiborg helps out with various technical solutions. Operating costs are covered by sponsors and advertisers, that pay a yearly amount. Using our site and being listed on them is free.

Our history

The idea behind came about in 1999, when the founder Erling Storstrøm started the work of collecting information about parts supplier in general and about Chevrolet in particular. This work was started in conneciton with the founding of the Chevrolet register, which later became the Chevrolet Club of Norway. Over time, we also collected information about motoring museums, collections, clubs and other information deemed of interest for people witin the motoring hobby. While collecing information, we came across a number websites listing clubs etc. But common to all of them was that they were not being maintained, which made the information useless. We have therefore attempted to find solutions that make maintaining it as easy as possible, both for us and for those managing the information. When the webpages went live on the 4th of July 2014, we already had 400 registrered entities, consisting of museums, collections, clubs and workshops. Five years later, we have passed 2000. During this time, we have also added parts suppliers, attractions, activities, rental, resources etc.

What is our longtime goal?

We wish to be the website you visit to find the help you need if you have no starting point. We also wish to make it easy for local workshops to bring in more work so that they continue in the business instead of struggling and even shutting down. To help local resources is important to stop people from moving away from rural areas, amongst other things. In addition, we hope that the motoring industry and media can use the information we offer as a means against politicians in connection with vehicle policy.

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